• Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline (when measured by fleet size) of Canada. Founded in 1937, the airline provides its services to 207 destinations worldwide. With a fleet size of 189 aircraft, the airline operates on average more than 1,613 scheduled flights daily. Air Canada originated from Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) — created in 1936 by the Canadian federal government. It is one of the founding members of the world’s largest airline group — Star Alliance with a total of 28 members. The airline headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, while its largest hub is at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The regional service of the airlines operates under the brand name of Air Canada Express. In 2017, Air Canada completed its 80th anniversary with 48 million passenger family. Air Canada with its regional service operates on average more than 1,613 scheduled flights daily.

    The airline has a fleet family made of Airbus A330, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner wide-body aircraft for long-haul routes. For short hauls its uses Airbus A320 family aircraft (including the A319, A320, and A321 variants), Boeing 737 MAX 8, Airbus A220–300, and Embraer E190 family aircraft. The airline has codeshare agreements with 30+ airlines. Air Canada is one of the most recommended airline by customers in the northern hemisphere. The premium services, convenience, and heart-warming hospitality attract millions of passengers to fly with it. Experience the world-class service of Air Canada on your next trip and also save money with its great offers on air-tickets.

    In this blog read about the premium services of Air Canada.


    Air Canada allows one personal item and one standard-size carry-on baggage, free of cost.

    Carry-on baggage

    Carry-on baggage must not exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

    • 46 linear inches (21.5 x 15.5 x 9 in) or 118 centimeters (55 x 40 x 23 cm) including handles and wheels.

    The personal item must not exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

    • 36 linear inches (17 x 13 x 6 in) or 92 centimeters (43 x 33 x 16 cm)

    Personal items and carry-on baggage should be small in size and fit properly in the overhead bin or under-seat storage space.

    Note- items like purse, laptop, electronic devices, umbrella, diaper bags and assistive devices (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc.) will not count as carry-on allowance.

    Checked Baggage

    The baggage must not exceed the following size and weight restriction:

    • 62 inches or 158 centimeters (length + width + height and 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

    Overweight baggage

    If the baggage is heavier than standard 50 pounds or 23 kilograms, that baggage will consider as overweight and extra fees will be charged.

    Note- bags heavier than 70 pounds or 32 kilograms will not be accepted as checked baggage.


    The airline offers both traditional and online check-in options to its customers.

    Online Check-in

    Add convenience in your travel journey with easy online check-in service. Just reserve seat through Air Canada Reservations, choose a seat, print your boarding pass or download in your smartphone and you are good to go. The online service is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

    Airport Check-in

    Passengers can also use traditional check-in service. Just head towards the check-in dedicated counters of Air Canada at the airport and do all the formal process.


    The check-in process will be closed before the following period:

    • Within the 24 hours before departure of all your flights

    • At least 45 minutes before departure for flights within Canada

    • At least 1 hour before departure for flights between Canada and the USA

    • At least 1 hour before departure for flights between Canada and other countries


    All cabin classes comes with their own perks and facilities, but one thing is common in all classes- the hearth-warming hospitality.

    Economy Class

    Air Canada provides two types of Economy class depending on the routes of the flights:

    1. International Economy Class and North America

    2. Caribbean Economy Class

    Seats of the Economy class

    Economy class seats of Air Canada Rouge aircraft, seats are pitched 29 to 30 inches with a width of 17.5 to 18 inches and 3 inches of recline. All other aircrafts seats are pitched 30 to 32 inches with a width of 17.2 to 18.5 inches and recline to 4.5 to 6 inches. Passengers can purchase the preferred seats, these are available in exit rows, first few rows and bulkhead rows.

    Economy Class Facilities

    The facilities of this class may vary on the duration and routes of the flights.

    International Economy Class:

    Passengers have the option to choose from a wide range of complimentary spirits, wines, and soft drinks. Delicious hot meals come with great in-flight entertainment. Other perks include Duty-free shopping, USB port for charging devices and power supply and enRoute magazine.

    North America and Caribbean Economy Class:

    Besides the basic perks, this class comes with lots of other amenities such as a touch screen, reading light per seat and blanket and pillow.

    Note- in flights of 90 minutes and more, the service of Bistro meal and beverages is available.

    Business Class

    Air Canada provides one of the best premium cabin classes in the world.

    Seats of Business class

    Each seat of these cabin classes comes with a guarantee to provide access to a window or aisle. These seats feature electronic flatbeds in a 1–2–1 reverse herringbone configuration with a 21-inch seat width and a 6-foot-7-inch seat pitch. Space and seat pitch may vary, depending on the aircraft and route of the flight.

    Business-class facilities

    These premium-class passengers can enjoy lounge access, check-in, baggage priorities and more. In the air, passengers will be pampered by exclusive facilities including complimentary pillow and blanket, hot towel service and premium earbuds. Passengers can enjoy delicious meals curated by 5-star chefs and their teams along with a full-service bar including fine wines, and unequaled service.

    In-flight entertainment

    Air Canada provides the service of Wi-Fi in their flights, this service is available on selected aircraft and flights of particular routes. The airline has an assortment of a wide variety of Music, Movies, and Audio for its customers.

    Note- passengers can also purchase Wi-Fi onboard at an hourly rate.

    Inflight meals

    Air Canada food options will vary depending on the routes and duration of flights. On all international flights, passengers can enjoy complimentary meals including wine and beer options. However, economy class flights within North America and the Caribbean do not provide food.

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